The worst jerseys in Kansas City Chiefs history are a no-brainer

Not even a competition.
San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have a pretty classic uniform, and they haven't made many changes to it during their storied franchise history. That's why when it comes to pinpointing the team's worst jersey ever, the answer is simple.

It's the 2009 Dallas Texans throwbacks. No contest.

Christian D'Andrea of For The Win broke down every team's worst jersey and he, of course, picked those hideous Texans throwbacks. He wrote:

"The Chiefs don’t do alternate uniforms. They’ve always worn the same clean, classic iteration of hot dog colors. But these throwbacks to the team’s days in Dallas show off just how valuable the minor touches — stripes and highlights — can be on an NFL jersey. These aren’t bad by any stretch, but the pickings are slim when it comes to the Chiefs and bad looks."

As D'Andrea mentioned, the Chiefs don't have a lot of options to pick from here. When a lot of teams decided to be bold during the color rush era of jerseys, the Chiefs played it safe and stuck to their red jerseys, which disappointed fans at the time. Some people wanted to see them try something new but they stuck with their classic red uniforms.

The Dallas Texans throwbacks were worn during the 2009 season when the Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys squared off but we haven't seen them since. The NFL did approve alternate helmets to be worn in the regular-season so maybe we'll see them pop back up again.

Considering that hasn't happened so far, though, means we'll likely avoid having to see the Chiefs wear these again.