The L'Jarius Sneed rumors are laughable at this point

Who knows what to believe anymore when it comes to L'Jarius Sneed?

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Who knows what to believe anymore when it comes to L'Jarius Sneed?

At this point, if you have something else to add to the mix of things we should know or believe to be true about L'Jarius Sneed, you might as well throw it in. Things aren't going to get any more confusing than they already are already

If you're just tuning in during a new week wondering what's happening with the Kansas City Chiefs and L'Jarius Sneed, the truth is that things are as conflicting as ever before. We'd already entered the world of combative reports over the weekend with NFL analysts pushing back and forth over a reported deal (or no deal) in place between the Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts.

Things are only worse on Monday.

If we've already lost you, we can back up enough to fill in some details here. Sneed will be a fifth-year cornerback next season, but he's stuck waiting to see where he's going to play after four years with K.C. Instead of becoming a free agent like hundreds of others, the Chiefs halted that progress by applying the franchise tag, which limits Sneed's freedom.

Because of the tag, Sneed can work out a long-term deal with another team but that franchise also has to pay the Chiefs for the right to even sign him in the first place. Over the last few weeks, several suitors have reportedly been interested in acquiring Sneed with the Titans and Colts as the most oft-reference teams involved.

Despite the rumors, however, nothing official has happened and that's led to conflicting reports. Over the weekend, it seemed like Indy and K.C. might work out something with a trade including a second-round pick going to the Chiefs in exchange for Sneed, who would then sign a long-term deal with the Colts.

The problem is that after two sources claimed a deal was essentially done, Stephen Holder of ESPN denied any trade was in place and drew a fairly thick line in the sand in terms of credibility denying the whole thing.

On Monday, Adam Schefter followed suit on the Pat McAfee Show and said the two sides haven't had "any conversations" at all, which further backs up Holder.

But here's Dianna Russini of the Athletic saying that the Titans and Colts were both close on getting a deal done.

Then comes the latest from K.C's own Carrington Harrison who adds some specifics about the demands on each side.

Here's what we know: The Chiefs and Colts are close to a deal despite not having had any conversations at all about L'Jarius Sneed. The Titans are also intent on acquiring a lockdown cornerback who is not worth a top pick yet wants to be paid like the best in the NFL—a guy who's a major injury risk after only averaging 16 starts/year since 2021.