L'Jarius Sneed trade rumors between Chiefs and Colts won't go away

Something has to happen with L'Jarius Sneed eventually and rumors for a deal between the teams persist this spring.

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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At some point, L'Jarius Sneed has to find out about his future.

Between now and the start of the 2024 regular season, Sneed will either line up in his familiar spot in red and gold for another championship run with the Kansas City Chiefs or he'll begin to learn the lay of the land as the celebrated new addition for a team who paid through the nose to get him.

The most difficult part, as Tom Petty said, is the waiting.

At this stage, it feels like anything is possible with Sneed, which seems outrageous given the potential outcomes. Somehow it feels possible that the Chiefs could find the money for a long-term deal to keep Sneed around for the next few years, yet it also feels possible he could leave for a couple of mid-round picks and find a home with another franchise.

Something has to happen with L'Jarius Sneed eventually and rumors for a deal between the teams persist this spring.

The latest rumors are pointing to the latter. While this offseason has featured relative silence on the part of any Chiefs' sources regarding where Sneed might go, the rumors have begun in earnest for a potential deal with the Indianapolis Colts—all coming from the Colts' side of things. However, it's not a unified front at all.

First let's look at the report saying something is done here between the Chiefs and Colts for L'Jarius Sneed. It should be noted that there was another positive report from this offseason's source du jour, Pretty Rickey, but the account has been taken down.

Are those sources reliable? In this day and age of "fake news", we'll let you decide who to say is credible or not but it's important to note that while those aren't NFL Network or ESPN employees, the truth is that the Pretty Rickeys of the world have been right quite a bit this offseason.

Then there's this from Stephen Holder, who's covered the Colts for years.

After saying that a trade is "not accurate," he later doubled down with another post saying, "In fact, I’m leaning heavily toward that trade not happening at all."

Then in the same afternoon came this from former Chiefs cornerback (and current Colts DB) Chris Lammons:

Sneed responded in kind.

I'll take Cryptic Tweets for $400, Alex. (Guess it's actually Blossom who is hosting now.)

The truth is that, if the Chiefs are amenable to Sneed staying in the conference, the Colts are a perfect fit for a deal. They have a significant need in the secondary for a lockdown corner. They can afford Sneed's future demands, and they have the draft capital to make something happen. They're also in that ideal window where they could compete with a major defensive leap in the AFC South.

It doesn't hurt that Colts general manager Chris Ballard is a former Chiefs exec.

Will something happen? Won't something happen? Something has to happen at some point for Sneed, but it feels like we'll find out something soon if there's any real fire to this smoke out of Indianapolis.