The five best moves from the Kansas City Chiefs offseason

For the Kansas City Chiefs, it's been a spring and summer featuring tough calls and interesting decisions .
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Stealing Hollywood Brown

There was a brief moment—that is, a stretch of a couple of days—in NFL free agency during which it looked like the Chiefs might miss out on every wide receiver option on the market. Looking back, it was still so early in the offseason, which makes the whole thing laughable, but the tension was palpable on Chiefs Twitter as fans waited for the team to make a move at a position of need.

At the time, it was tough watching other teams grab available items off the shelf. Darnell Mooney. Curtis Samuel. Gabe Davis. Calvin Ridley. Keenan Allen. While all was not lost, it felt like the Chiefs might find themselves outbid for the veteran wideout they so desperately needed as the pickings got slimmer and slimmer.

Then came the announcement after the first full weekend of free agency: the Chiefs had reached an agreement with Marquise "Hollywood" Brown.

Just like that, the Chiefs had their answer. A limited wide receiving corps that lacked any dependable vertical threat now had a former first-round pick with the skill set to deliver on every level of the defense. Brown's versatility to play inside and out—despite his size—allowed him to slide in nicely alongside Rashee Rice's development and Travis Kelce presence.

Not only was Brown an A+ fit in terms of personnel, but the fact that they got him to sign for a single season at a mere $7 million guaranteed is incredible. Even with incentives, it can only climb to $11M. For Brown, it's a solid bet on himself to earn a greater payday next spring, but for the Chiefs it was a financial steal given the prices paid for other wide receivers.