Remembering when Jamaal Charles had the Chiefs' shortest holdout ever

St Louis Rams v Kansas City Chiefs
St Louis Rams v Kansas City Chiefs / Kyle Rivas/GettyImages

As the Kansas City Chiefs wake up this morning with training camp heading into its first full week, most of the questions asked from fans and the media in St. Joseph will likely be about who is not there. Specifically, Chiefs Kingdom is dying to know what exactly going to happen with defensive tackle Chris Jones.

Jones is currently holding out of Chiefs training camp in hopes of creating leverage and pressure toward a new long-term contract extension—or at least further toward his desired terms—and as the second day of camp begins, fans can only wonder what might happen. How long is Jones wlling to hold out? Will the Chiefs trade him in a shocking move like they did Tyreek Hill one year ago?

Chiefs Kingdom can only hope Chris Jones's holdout resembles the one Jamaal Charles had nearly a decade ago.

Before anyone predicts a weeks-long holdout, however, that shakes up the season entirely, it's also important to remember that some holdouts are actually so short that they're cute. Such is the case for Jamaal Charles, the legendary Chiefs running back, who held out of training camp for the sake of a new deal himself around a decade ago.

Just in case you forgot, Charles was the offensive cornerstone for the early years of Andy Reid's tenure on the team. In Reid's first year at the helm, Charles was an first-team All-Pro running back who finished just shy of 2,000 yards from scrimmage on the season with 19 total touchdowns. He came in third in overall votes for Offensive Player of the Year.

Coming into the 2014 season, Charles wanted more money and the Chiefs were reticent to meet his demands. That's when Charles decided not to show up for the first day of camp. Fortunately, the Chiefs and Charles had said positive things about the other beforehand and had been working on contract negotations for some time, so when things took a dramatic turn, the Chiefs followed up with a new deal—just 24 hours after training camp began.

Charles missed the first day of camp and then returned to the team for the second day with a new contract in hand that made him the second-highest paid running back in the game behind Adrian Peterson. It was then that Charles posted that it was never a holdout at all but rather just a very unfortunately-timed planetary alignment of negative events—including car trouble and phone issues.

It would be nice to think that the Chiefs and Jones could come together for an answer as quickly as both sides did for Charles back in 2014. For now, fans can only sit and wait for the answer to eventually reveal itself. Or maybe Jones' car really ran out of gas, too.