Pre-Draft NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs top stacked AFC crowd

The Kansas City Chiefs top these power rankings, but where do the remaining 31 teams stand ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft?
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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"How Good Are Our New Head Coaches?" Tier

21. Los Angeles Chargers
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Las Vegas Raiders
24. Tennessee Titans

All four of these teams have new head coaches leading the charge, none larger than Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles. The former San Francisco 49ers and Michigan Wolverines head coach made the Chargers a sexy pick to dethrone the Kansas City Chiefs, but we all know how that talk ends.

I love Mike Macdonald succeeding Pete Carroll in Seattle, but the team's roster moves do not put the Seahawks high. Geno Smith can continue his career renaissance in the Pacific Northwest, but this team is one or two injuries away from an unabashed rebuild. Keeping Leonard Williams helps the defense, but that is only one man.

The Raiders are in the throes of the Antonio Pierce Way and have invested heavily in an already stout defense. Tom Telesco and Pierce could field a second-place team in the AFC West this year, but the offense has a ton to prove.

The Titans are an interesting case, seemingly committed to Will Levis and investing in the receiving corps. The team needs help in the offensive trenches and defensive backfield, but you can squint and see an AFC South contender. It all depends on Brian Callahan filling Mike Vrabel's shoes.