Looking at the best non-Chiefs NFL games in Week 3

Week 3, baby! Once again, we are bringing you the Chiefs from every angle, including the games that they are not playing in. What are the best non-Chiefs matchups this week? We discuss.

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The Bears-Chiefs game is not the only one to watch this week. Some high-power matchups are taking place in Week 3 with serious implications. With the L.A. Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals dropping to 0-2 to start the year, the AFC also might have some openings at the top.

Today, we explore the three best non-Chiefs matchups in Week 3 to grasp a better idea of how the chips may fall in the AFC and NFC. Which games make the list?

1. Los Angeles Rams (1-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)

Game Time: Monday, September 25, 7:15 PM CT

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The Rams were a team that I had pegged for having one of the worst records in the league. Now, somehow they find themselves in a position to be 2-1 and sitting in a position to compete for a Wild Card position in the playoffs. With the 49ers and Seahawks being talented opponents in their division, they cannot afford to drop games against out of conference teams.

The Bengals are in an unnerving position. After a tremendous season a year ago, they are now in serious danger of dropping to 0-3. Joe Burrow is reportedly banged up and the defense has not been as stout as in previous seasons. Now, they are staring a potential losing in the face. On Monday night, they are already in a must-win situation.

The Bottom Line: This one should be a great matchup. To be frank, the Bengals are coming in with desperation and the Rams are looking to build on early success. Matthew Stafford is slinging it to rookie receivers with ease and Joe Burrow is struggling to hit his superstar receivers. I expect the Bengals to struggle out of the gates and win the game on a great 4th quarter performance.

Prediction: Los Angeles Rams: 23 Cincinnati Bengals 27