Kansas City Chiefs offseason schedule 2024: When are OTAs, rookie mini-camps and more (updated)

Here's your field guide to the Kansas City Chiefs' offseason schedule and what to expect in the dryer months of the year.
Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Minicamp
Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Minicamp / Kyle Rivas/GettyImages

There's nothing quite like the thrill of roster reconstruction in the National Football League. It's the drama of the annual NFL Draft, wondering which college prospects will become first-year rookies for your favorite team. It's also the frenzy of free agency, wondering if your team's general manager will be able to lure in some answers for lingering questions from the previous season.

In the early part of the offseason, the thrills are all on paper, however. Players might come in and out of Arrowhead Stadium, but it's often only to get a tour on a free agent visit or to finalize a contract after negotiations are finished.

In short, despite the changes, no one quite knows how that roster will look until later in the offseason when those players added are actually on site and working out or practicing with those already on the roster.

Here's your field guide to the Kansas City Chiefs' offseason schedule and what to expect in the dryer months of the year.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs are bringing in some new faces to aid them in their quest to be the NFL's first-ever three-peat champions. They also brought back many familiar faces on new deals in order to finish what they've started.

When will Chiefs Kingdom be able to see these faces come together for the first time? When will we get our first looks at Marquise "Hollywood" Brown at wide receiver or Irv Smith at tight end? When will we hear from Chris Jones after signing his huge extension?

We've got our full rundown offseason dates here so you can keep track of your favorite team's schedule.

When is the first day of the Chiefs offseason workouts?

The Chiefs open up the facilities to begin their offseason workouts on Monday, April 15.

How long do Chiefs offseason workouts last?

Every NFL team, including the Chiefs, is mandated 10 weeks for offseason practices and workouts and it flows in three phases. Phase 1 begins on opening day and will continue for two weeks. It's a series of team meetings, strength and conditioning, and continued rehabilitation.

Phase 2 runs for the following three weeks and features walk-through practices, on-field drills, and more from Phase 1. Finally, the final three weeks are for Phase 3 and that features 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 practices. No live contact is ever allowed at any point in offseason training activities.

What are the dates that Chiefs fans need to know?

First Day of Offseason Training: April 15
Rookie Minicamp: May 4-6
OTA workouts: May 20-22; May 28-30; June 4-7
Mandatory Minicamp: June 11-13

Isn't there a special minicamp just for rookies?

Yes, it's held over three days and it's always scheduled shortly after the completion of the NFL Draft (although this year's dates have yet to be announced). It will be an important time for the Chiefs rookie class to gather together. Not only will coaches get a look at how the rookies stack up together, but players also gain some wisdom from sessions on how to handle finances, speak to the media, and much more.

Is everything voluntary for Chiefs players?

Almost. While offseason training activities are highly encouraged, the only mandatory minicamp is a three-day stretch held every year in mid-June (June 11-13 this year) in which all players must report for conditioning, drills, and meetings. Then they are released again until the start of training camp in late July.