Kansas City Chiefs mock draft: What would a worst-case scenario look like?

What if this year's NFL Draft just went the worst way possible in all aspects for the Chiefs?
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Round 2, Pick 64: Malachi Corley, WR, Western Kentucky

Malachi Corley
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Part of the Chiefs' "worst-case scenario" has unfortunately already happened in real life, and that's forced even more uncertainty at the wide receiver position.

Rashee Rice's recent arrest makes it hard to see the Chiefs having him for a full season in 2024 which leaves a big hole in the offense while he's gone. Combined with a likely secondary run on wideouts starting early in the second round with lots of needy teams like Carolina and New England at the top of the round, it's a doomsday scenario for Brett Veach, who finally grabs Malachi Corley at No. 64.

There's lots to like about Corley. He has some dominant traits that are easily translatable to the NFL. With his size (5'11", 215 lbs.), he's built like a running back which matches his physicality as a ball carrier and his yards after catch ability. Corley is one of the best YAC threats in the class and he rarely goes down on first contact. However, his route tree resembles a running back's, and there is virtually no down-the-field passing production for him. Was that because of scheme or ability? An NFL team can certainly find use for his YAC skills, but the ceiling is in question for him.

The Chiefs taking Corley might say something about Rashee Rice. What that is? It's still uncertain. It might mean they feel a long suspension is incoming or that they can't trust him long-term. Corley's skillset directly overlaps with Rashee's role in the offense in 2023. However, it might mean they have confidence in Rice's ability to develop as a true outside receiver who can win down the field and in the intermediate as well. If Rice doesn't take a step forward from 2023, he and Corley are redundant.