Kansas City Chiefs mock draft: What would a worst-case scenario look like?

What if this year's NFL Draft just went the worst way possible in all aspects for the Chiefs?
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The NFL Draft is just days away and the Kansas City Chiefs are working to defend their back-to-back Super Bowls. Teams spend countless hours trying to prepare for every scenario imaginable by the night of the draft. However, some scenarios just can't prepared for.

Two years ago Trent McDuffie fell to the Chiefs, and general manager Brett Veach admitted they never thought McDuffie would be available to them, so they traded up to get him.

We as fans love to run our own mock drafts to try to create the best draft possible. We look to create dream scenarios for the Chiefs to best improve their roster. But rarely do we explore the worst-case scenario. Today we take a look at what a "doomsday" first four rounds could look like for the Chiefs and how it could happen.

A reminder: mock drafts are a thought exercise. Each one is a chance to try a new strategy, look for different values a different spots and explore trades. In this instance we are trying to be ultra-aggressive to add some blue chip players to an already talented roster. This does not mean this is what we want or recommend the Chiefs do.

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