Did Kadarius Toney throw the Chiefs under the bus before AFC Championship Game?

His injury status seems to have created a controversy.

Kansas City Chiefs, Kadarius Toney
Kansas City Chiefs, Kadarius Toney / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Prior to the Kansas City Chiefs' AFC Championship date with the Baltimore Ravens, there were a few last-minute storylines making their way around.

One of them has dealt with the status of Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney. The Chiefs say he is out for the game against Baltimore, with a hip injury.

But, is Toney really hurt?

The entire situation revolving around Toney's injury designation has seemed to cause a stir on social media. Just a couple of hours before kickoff on Sunday, an X (Twitter) account posted a snippet of an Instagram live reel from Toney, leading many to wonder whether he was speaking about the current events.

Warning: The following audio is NSFW

Some replies to the above video, on X, include folks stating that the video was not new and that it was posted from his time with the New York Giants.

Yet, another social media account posted an additional screenshot of Toney's Instagram story and insinuated that it was a current post from the Chiefs wide receiver.

Is Kadarius Toney causing a distraction for the Chiefs on social media, or is this being blown out of proportion?

There is a lot to unpack here. However, if you simply go and check in on Toney's Instagram account for yourself, you will find ... nothing.

That's right, Toney's Instagram account does not have a current story. So, it was either deleted or it was a past story which someone saved. Toney's last post on Instagram came 49 weeks ago, in fact. He has not posted on Instagram in nearly a year.

So, if we're looking at the facts, they seem to conclude that there are people out to tarnish Toney's reputation. The video from above is being spread like wildfire, yet no one can confirm it was a recent post from the Chiefs wideout.

For now, we have to assume that, frankly, no one knows what's really going on. And, for the sake of fairness and due process, we can't be led to believe Toney has it out for the Chiefs organization and his teammates prior to a crucial afternoon matchup.