Kansas City Chiefs 7-round Mock Draft following the NFL Combine

The NFL's draft season kicked into full swing this past week with the annual NFL Combine.

NFL Combine
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Round 4 - Pick #133 - Cooper Beebe - Guard - Kansas State

I originally thought I might target an interior offensive lineman in the fifth round, but I simply couldn't pass up a player of Cooper Beebe's caliber in the fourth round. Maybe I'm biased because Beebe is a local prospect and I love his play style and attitude, but I simply can't fathom how he would still be available here. If he is, the Chiefs would be crazy not to take him as the future replacement for either Joe Thuney or Trey Smith.

I think Beebe's tape warrants a second-round pick. Yes, his arms are a little short and it sometimes causes him to not be able to reach and control his man as much as you would like, but when Beebe does get his hands on a defender his natural instinct is to bury them. There was some question about his athleticism, but he put that all to rest at the combine.

Beebe measured in at 6-foot-3 and 322 pounds with 31.5-inch arms (that's short). He ran a 5.03 forty and that, combined with strong showings in the broad jump, three cone, and short shuttle, has given him an elite 9.71/10 Raw Athletic Score (RAS). That kind of athleticism with good tape and a killer temperament and Beebe is a guy I want on my team. Period.

Now let's get to KC's two 5th round picks.