Kansas City Chiefs 53-man roster predictions 2.0

The Kansas City Chiefs now have two preseason games down and the roster is becoming clear with only a few spots up for grabs.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs dismantled the Arizona Cardinals 38-10 on Saturday. The Chiefs looked much better in their second preseason game, maybe that was because they played better or maybe it was because of the quality of their opponent, but in the long run the score matters much less than what players came out of this game in a good position to make the final 53-man roster.

If you are a regular reader of my Monday morning musings, you have read my post-draft roster projection back in May and/or my start of training camp roster projection. While much of the roster projection remains the same at this point, there are several bottom-of-the-roster battles that have both been settled at this point and a few that have arisen since the start of training camp that I didn't see coming.

At this point, I believe there are only four roster spots up for grabs with one preseason game remaining. I've got 49 guys that I'm ready to call locks (barring someone getting traded or potential IR maneuvering). So let's take a look at each position group and see where the battles have been settled already and where there are a few spots still there for the taking.

Let's start by getting the special teams spots out of the way since there's no suspense there.

Special Teams (3)

53-Man Roster Locks:

Harrison Butker

Tommy Townsend

James Winchester

There really isn't anything else to discuss here. So let's move on to quarterbacks, where things have gotten a little more interesting during the last couple of weeks.