Initial Kansas City Chiefs 53-man roster projections from first week of training camp

Let's take an early look at what the active roster could resemble before competition shakes things too much.
Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp
Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs officially kicked off training camp on Sunday. With the start of camp fans can finally start to put speculation behind them and start to actually look at what is happening on the field. While coaches (and sometimes the media) will often tell you "every spot is up for grabs", the truth is we can safely predict many of the 53-man roster spots already and there are only a handful of spots truly up for grabs.

Following the draft I did an early 53-man roster projection, but a few things have changed over the last two months. So as camp kicks off let's take a look at each position and who is likely making the team and where the biggest roster battles are so you know where to focus your attention during training camp. We'll kick things off with the quarterbacks.

Chiefs Final 53-man Roster: Quarterbacks (2)

On the Team:

  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Blaine Gabbert

Missing the Cut:

  • Shane Buechele
  • Chris Oladokun

Many of you will argue for the Chiefs keeping Shane Buechele as a third quarterback on the active roster. I get it, but I think they may need that spot for a 7th wide receiver this season. If the Chiefs get down to their third quarterback they're in trouble anyway and it's not like they're grooming Buechele to take over someday.

If both Mahomes and Gabbert got hurt I actually think there is a good chance they would try to get Chad Henne out of retirement regardless of if Buechele is on the roster, so you might as well add some depth at another position.