How Xavier Worthy is set to bury the myths about 'small receivers' for the Chiefs

Will Xavier Worthy succeed in the modern NFL? Let's take a comprehensive look at his strengths, weaknesses, and how the Chiefs are likely going to use him.
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In the 2024 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs traded up in the first round (from pick 32 to 28) to select historic combine speedster Xavier Worthy out of the University of Texas. This selection instantly polarized both the general NFL media and Chiefs fans alike, sparking plenty of speculation on whether or not Worthy would become a successful wide receiver in the NFL.

Those who fell in love with the idea that the fastest wide receiver in this year's draft would be joining an Andy Reid-led offense praised the selection as the next in a long line of incredible draft picks from NFL general manager Brett Veach.

This unmitigated zeal was met with an equal amount of negativity, as those who disagreed with the selection labeled Worthy as an inconsistent, fragile, and undersized WR incapable of making consistent contributions to the potential Chiefs' three-peat. Like most prospect evaluations, the truth lies somewhere in between bust and superstar.

Worthy's unique skillset presents a difficult challenge for scouts and pundits alike, as his smaller frame and current draft comparisons—former Bengals and Chiefs WR John Ross—severely limit how he is viewed. Is he the next Jaylen Waddle or a smaller version of Tavon Austin?

Let's take a look at the concerns that come with lighter receivers, how Worthy compares to similar NFL receivers, and how he can be used in Andy Reid's offense to maximize his potential.