How does Hollywood Brown affect the KC Chiefs' primary draft plans?

For months it's been speculated that the Chiefs would be drafting a wide receiver with the 32nd overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, but now that Kansas City will be the home of Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, does the script change in April?

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1. Byron Murphy II, IDL - Texas

It's doubtful that Murphy II even falls to the 20s, but if he were to miraculously fall, similar to that of Nolan Smith in last year's draft, then the Chiefs should try and grab him. He's a bulldozer that can line up all over the defensive line much like Jones, he's always swiping and chopping with his hands and he's got one of the quickest first steps of any defensive lineman in the draft.

2. Ladd McConkey, WR - Georgia

McConkey's stock has been rising ever since the combine but he's proven over the past few years that he has some of the surest hands in the draft--something the Chiefs desperately desire after last season. He's a great route runner and can shake some of the best defensive backs at the line, he can stop on a dime and make tough catches and he has a knack for finding the holes in coverage much like Kelce has made a career doing.

3. Junior Colson, LB - Michigan

Signing Tranquill to a three-year deal shored up one LB spot but with the loss of Gay Jr. and Nick Bolton on the final year of his rookie contract it wouldn't hurt to reach for a linebacker with the 32nd pick. Colson has a winning culture embedded in his DNA and his 6'2", 238 frame reminds many of former Chiefs legend Derrick Johnson. Colson has instincts that have shown up in big games, he's not afraid to back into coverage or blitz heavily and he's aggressive with both options which surely makes Spagnuolo slobber at the chance of using him all over the field.

No matter who the Chiefs select with the 32nd overall pick in April there will be high expectations for them to come in and help bring the illustrious and impossible threepeat to Kansas City. But, if Veach can work his magic like he has in the past, there should be little doubt in Chiefs Kingdom that Mahomes and company will flounder their first round pick no matter which room he ends up in.