Five players who played the most games in Kansas City Chiefs history

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Tony Gonzalez, tight end

Rounding out the top five is another Hall of Fame performer for the Chiefs, one who completely reset any and all expectations for what a player could become at the tight end position.

Over his 12 seasons with the Chiefs, Gonzalez went from a former college basketball player and uber-athletic specimen to a newfound definition of positional greatness. And he did all of this through his incredible 190 total games played with the team's offense.

During his time with the Chiefs, Gonzalez amassed an astonishing 916 receptions, accumulating a total of 10,940 receiving yards. These numbers alone are enough to place him in the upper echelon of receiving records in NFL history, but they become even more impressive when considering that Gonzalez achieved them primarily as a tight end.

Moreover, Gonzalez consistently found the end zone, scoring 76 touchdowns with the Chiefs. His ability to make crucial plays in the red zone and provide a reliable target for his quarterbacks made him a game-changer on offense.

What truly sets Gonzalez apart is his unmatched level of consistency. He recorded 10 seasons with over 70 receptions, including an incredible stretch of six consecutive seasons from 2000 to 2005. Such longevity and productivity are a testament to his talent, work ethic, and durability.

Of course, we all know those totals with the Chiefs could have climbed even higher, but the team granted his request for a trade away in 2009 to the Atlanta Falcons, where he would go on to play for another five full seasons—or another 80 regular season games.