The five biggest questions facing the Chiefs after training camp

The Chiefs have a lot of reasons to believe along with a growing list of questions to answer.
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2. Can the Chiefs lean on Kadarius Toney?

Speaking of players with uncertain availability, Kadarius Toney's injury concerns in New York have followed him to Kansas City, and it's going to be a key question throughout the season as to how much the team can depend on him as an offensive pillar.

Other than Travis Kelce, Kadarius Toney is the team's greatest weapon and the dynamism he brings to the field is definitely an edge the Chiefs will want to utilize as much as possible. However, Toney has already missed all of training camp after suffering a knee injury early on the first day. That led to a surgery to clean up his knee, which led to further missed time. And this injury comes on the heels of injuries last season that limited him to seven games for K.C.

Rumors persist that Toney could be ready for Week 1, but even if he's healthy at that point, he's likely going to be on a snap count since he's missed so much time to train. The potential here is mouth-watering, but Chiefs fans will remember the Sammy Watkins roller coaster quite well and it's not a pleasant ride.