The five biggest questions facing the Chiefs after training camp

The Chiefs have a lot of reasons to believe along with a growing list of questions to answer.

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Yeah, everybody's got questions these days. Injuries create concerns. Holdouts become annoying. Roster battles continue to play out without any real clarity. The Kansas City Chiefs have a number of issues with training camp coming to an end in St. Joseph, Missouri and only two preseason games left in which to prepare for their title defense.

Some of the questions facing the Chiefs would have been predictable ones before training camp got started. Other problems have blindsided the Chiefs, or at least turned into much greater issues than anyone could have foreseen.

As the Chiefs prepare for their final practice at Missouri Western State University, we thought we'd take a look at what we still don't know about the Chiefs heading into the regular season.

1. When will Chris Jones appear?

It's impossible to make a list of post-camp questions and not begin with the elephant in the room—whether we're tired of talking about it or not.

At this point, Chris Jones is looking at approximately $2 million in fines after holding out the entirety of training camp for the Chiefs. What once seemed like an absurd scenario has turned into a realitiy, and it seems as if both sides are locked into their respective positions—team and player—as they continue to negotiate a long-term contract extension.

Opinions are mixed as to just how much Jones deserves to be paid, but the Chiefs have said all the right things about getting something done eventually. Jones has done the same, saying that he wants to end his career in K.C. Can the sides get something done? Anything is possible at any time, but it won't be long until this could affect very real games if it hasn't already.