Counting down the Chiefs biggest injury concerns down the stretch

Every team is hurting right now and here's where the primary injury concerns are for the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
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4. Tight end

Let's be honest: if something happens to Travis Kelce, we might as well start doing mock drafts on a daily basis.

This entry is a curious one because Kelce played the entire game on Sunday against the Patriots in Week 15, but everyone in Chiefs Kingdom will also undoubtedly remember the moment Kelce winced with pain while clutching his arm. After the game, head coach Andy Reid even admitted he had a "little stinger" in his elbow yet he came right back to play through it.

Kelce wasn't on the injury report coming into the game and it's possible he stays off of it this week. We certainly hope that's the case. However, the fact that Reid mentioned something means we're likely going to get updates this week about Kelce and that puts the entire position back into view here.

Look at Sunday for proof positive of what's left here. Noah Gray came up with a huge catch, but his career high is 45 yards, so there's nothing proven here that can carry a heavy load—even for a single game. Blake Bell showcased his contested catch skills against the Pats as well, and that's now filed under "things we never want to see again."

Jody Fortson was forced to sit before the season even started, and the year began with Kelce out for a game that forced the Chiefs to start 0-1. If something happens to him again or if this elbow issue becomes a lingering concern, things could head south very quickly for the Chiefs offense.