Chiefs trade idea: This Brandon Aiyuk deal would be 49ers' worst nightmare

Why not throw your name into the hat, if you're KC?
Kansas City Chiefs, Brandon Aiyuk
Kansas City Chiefs, Brandon Aiyuk / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

As the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up their mandatory minicamp and are look ahead to training camp, one familiar foe is facing a potential bump in the road..

Actually, "road bump" would be putting it nicely. The San Francisco 49ers saw star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk skip mandatory minicamp in hopes that he's able to land a new deal, just as so many of his peers have over the course of the offseason.

It appears as though Aiyuk is more than frustrated as contract talks have stalled in San Francisco, and now, teams are keeping tabs on the situation. If Aiyuk indeed winds up on the trade block, then the Chiefs are likely to be linked as a potential suitor.

Sure, if you're the 49ers, it might even hurt simply to pick up the phone call from the team that's taken the Lombardi trophy from underneath you twice in the past four years. But, the Niners need to do what they believe is best for the organization, in the end.

Spoiler alert: trading Aiyuk to the Chiefs would not be what's best for the 49ers. But hey, here we are.

This trade proposal lands Brandon Aiyuk in Kansas City and gives Patrick Mahomes all the weaponry he needs

Brandon Aiyuk trade

At first glance, this might seem like quite a bit to give up for Aiyuk. However, when you think about it, that first-rounder next year is going to be a late pick. There isn't a high likelihood of the 49ers being able to replace Aiyuk with that pick, just like Ricky Pearsall probably won't wind up being a bonafide, tried-and-true WR1 as a first-rounder this year.

Aiyuk is a legitimate alpha dog; one whom Patrick Mahomes can depend on in crucial situations. The route running, hands, and pure football IQ are all more than enough for Mahomes to make magic with in Aiyuk, and that's why this would be a nightmare for the 49ers. It also gives the Chiefs a likely long-term partner for the offense knowing Hollywood Brown is on a one-year deal.

Not only can the Chiefs meet San Francisco in the Super Bowl and beat them without any real threats at wide receiver, but now, if the two teams meet again in the near future, it'll be Mahomes-to-Aiyuk in the eyes and ears of Niner fans everywhere. Talk about a double-whammy type of situation for San Francisco.

There's no doubt Mahomes would ensure Aiyuk tops 1,300 yards yet again and even lands in double-digit touchdowns for the first time in his career. Between Aiyuk as your no. 1, the speed of Hollywood Brown and, still, the best safety net in the game, Travis Kelce, this offense could be taken to even higher highs than it's ever been before—not to mention the upside of Xavier Worthy.

You have more than a legitimate chance to cement a three-peat. What's not to like about this deal?