Chiefs' Super 8 hype video was a major letdown

The Chiefs teased a 'major' surprise, but the final product was anti-climactic.
President Biden Hosts Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs At White House
President Biden Hosts Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs At White House / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

On Wednesday night, the Kansas City Chiefs dropped an 8-second video that hinted at a surprise to be released on Thursday. The cryptic message said, "Tomorrow, we roll the tape." It was mysterious and exciting all at the same time.

What could it possibly be? The old style tapes made it seem like we could be finally getting a throwback uniform or helmet. Or maybe, it would be a unique video of the previous season(s) as hinted by the quick flashes of players.

It turned out to be something of the latter. And honestly, it was disappointing. Judge for yourself, but you'll probably understand what I mean.

Dubbed Timeless, this three-and-a-half-minute video seemed like a great trailer to something bigger. As I started watching it, I got excited. Watching a full movie for the 2023 Super Bowl winning season on old Super 8 tape would have me whipping out my wallet immediately.

But as the relatively short montage of footage came to an end and the credits began to roll, I asked myself, "Is that it?" Because of it is, it's pretty disappointing. Teasing an 8-second hype video for a 3.5 minute video seems a little overboard.

And misleading. The Chiefs could have just dropped the video today and everyone would have said, "Oh, that was cool." But when we expect so much more, it's a little hard not to be left scratching our heads.

Maybe "Timeless" really was just a preview and the team plans on releasing a full-fledged documentary style film of the season on Super 8 film in the near future. I really hope so, because that seriously would be cool.

Oh, and they could actually give the Chiefs an alternative jersey or helmet because that would EVEN COOLER. Sorry, just a disappointed fan here who got giddy for nothing.