Chiefs rumors: Kansas City was 'appealing' to Odell Beckham Jr.

Before signing with the Miami Dolphins, the Chiefs were reportedly in the mix for the wide receiver.
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For those wondering whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs are still shopping around in free agency, a new rumor surfacing from ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler might shine the way. That's because Fowler says the Chiefs were reportedly in the mix for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. before he signed with the Miami Dolphins in the last week.

Beckham, Jr. signed a single-year deal with the Dolphins loaded with incentives worth up to $8M. Fowler stated that the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills were the other known teams in competition for Beckham—but just how intense or real that competition got is anyone's guess.

Before signing with the Miami Dolphins, the Chiefs were reportedly in the mix for the wide receiver.

At the very least, it shows the Chiefs could be kicking the tires at the position of wide receiver, knowing that Rashee Rice is likely going to face a suspension at some point. At the same time, maybe the Chiefs are honed in on Beckham only, since they've been linked to him in the past.

Just last spring, the Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens were supposedly the final clubs competing for his services but Baltimore won out. Beckham had 35 catches for 565 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns last season for the Ravens.

Back to Fowler's report. He begins by speaking about the Dolphins and how they won out and then he added the following:

Now, they had an upside package of a little over $8 million, so they came to a sweet spot there in the negotiation. There were some other teams in the mix. I was told Kansas City was appealing to Odell Beckham, Buffalo as well. But in the end, he believes this offense can still help him prove something.

Some fans might sneer at Beckham at this point wondering about his age, but he's still productive on the outside and is a far more reliable target than anyone else on the Chiefs roster other than Rice or Marquise Brown with Xavier Worthy waiting in the wings to show what he can do. If the Chiefs were down to just two of those characters, Beckham would slide in well as a go-to X to help move the chains.

At this point, the Chiefs might still be shopping at wide receiver or they might just have a specific player fixation. Either way, it will be something to watch going forward knowing a suspension could leave them thin at the position.