Chiefs news: K.C. ranks dead last in NFL salary cap space

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It needs to be stated from the outset that the NFL's salary cap report is just a snapshot of a specific moment for a figure that's quite fluid depending on myriad factors, but it is at least interesting to note that the Kansas City Chiefs rank dead last for NFL salary cap space as the month of June enters its final week and training camp comes into view in just a few weeks.

While the figures differ by quite a bit, any way you slice it right now, the Chiefs have the least amount of salary cap room available to make a move—at least until they work out a way to free up some more.

Per the NFL Players Association's daily recap, the Chiefs are No. 32 out of 32 with just over $1 million available to them ($1,002,484 to be specific). Meanwhile, Over the Cap has calculated the Chiefs to be in even more dire straits with only $409,942 available to them to sign a player or conduct any transactions.

For the sake of comparison, the NFLPA has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at nearly $1M more in cap space at No. 31 overall. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears have the most space available at $32.3M at the present time. The NFL average is just over $14.5 million.

As an illustration of how meaningless all of this can be, however, just remember that at one point in the 2020 offseason, the Chiefs were also last in cap space with only $177 to work with. Yeah, that's not missing any commas or misplaced decimal points. That's one hundred and seventy-seven dollars of cap space. Interestingly, the Chiefs were coming off a Super Bowl victory at that time, too.

As for anyone worried about the lack of cap space, a single contract extension or contract restructure can alter the entire picture—including the long-rumored extension for defensive tackle Chris Jones. Once such a signing is made, the Chiefs will likely free up a lot more space entering the regular season so they can maintain the freedom and flexibility to make other moves as needed.

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