Chiefs news: Patrick Mahomes says ankle injury is 'fine' going forward

Mahomes went so far as to say he was more scared than anything else after having his ankle rolled on Sunday.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

On an afternoon that was otherwise about as perfect as a day could go for the Kansas City Chiefs, there was one moment in which all celebrations fell silent and every voice grew still. That was the moment when defensive end Yannick Ngakoue of the Chicago Bears landed on the foot of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, forcing his ankle to roll awkwardly. For the next few minutes, those cheers would turn to worries, but in the end, Mahomes says it was all for nothing.

When Mahomes came up limping shortly before halftime, the Chiefs were already up by more than 30 points on the hapless Bears and it felt like a foregone conclusion that Mahomes would come out for the rest of the game. As it turned out, despite the fact that Mahomes was in obvious pain, last year's MVP would not only finish out out the first half but would return to start the second half as well.

Patrick Mahomes went so far as to say he was more scared than anything else after having his ankle rolled on Sunday.

As it turns out, Mahomes wasn't fighting against the advice of trainers to stay in the game, nor were the Chiefs negligent in having him out there for the sake of competition. To take Mahomes at his word, the quarterback himself admitted that the injury was not really an injury at all in the end and that he was more scared of having injured that ankle thank anything else.

"I made it fine," said Mahomes with a laugh when speaking to reporters after the game. "I would have been fine to play the rest of the game. I think if anything it kind of scared me more, just being that ankle. It scared me a little bit more but we taped me up and I was ready to go."

Mahomes had good reason to fear re-injuring that ankle because it was the same one on which he suffered a high sprain during last year's postseason—an injury he was forced to play through for multiple games. While the Chiefs hoisted the Lombardi in the end, they did so at a personal cost to Mahomes, so it makes sense why he'd be apprehensive about going through the same pain.

In the end, Mahomes would not finish Week 3 for the Chiefs but that's because Andy Reid would elect to sit most of his starting lineup on offense once the game was definitely out of reach for Justin Fields and the Bears. Blaine Gabbert entered the game in the second half and remained under center until the final whistle.