Chiefs charity spotlight: Derrick Nnadi works hard to support people and pets

Arrowhead Addict's newest weekly column, the Chiefs Charity Spotlight, shines a light on different Kansas City players and their charity foundations in the hope that more attention and engagement might help fund their respective good deeds. This week's charity is the aptly-named Derrick Nnadi Foundation.
Derrick Nnadi
Derrick Nnadi / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

After last week's inaugural Chiefs Charity Spotlight column hit the internet, there have been many suggestions as to which charity should be talked about next. With so many Chiefs sponsoring or donating to multiple charities, it felt right to bring up a pet project of a current player (pun intended).

That's why Derrick Nnadi, defensive tackle for Kansas City over the past six seasons, and the aptly-named Derrick Nnadi Foundation was an easy choice for this week's Chiefs Charity Spotlight.

The former Florida State Seminole was drafted 75th overall by the Chiefs back in 2018 and has since made some huge plays for Kansas City, including a freakishly-fast sack on Trevor Lawrence in a pivotal AFC Divisional Playoff game two seasons ago.

Before sacking number one overall picks and helping Kansas City win three Super Bowls, Nnadi grew up with a very generous father who taught him that "as Nnadi's, we don't receive, we give." That mindset has since transpired into a hugely successful and popular foundation that helps everyone from children to animals.

Nnadi has that dog in him

One of the many things that the Derrick Nnadi Foundation does is help local shelter animals who are looking for forever homes around the Kansas City area. That's why Nnadi and his foundation recently paid off the adoption fees of more than 100 dogs at the KC Pet Project animal shelter, making them free to adopt.

Nnadi told CNN that he "always wanted a dog" and that when he was growing up his parents didn't allow any, causing him to finally own his first dog, Rocky, during his senior year of college. Their instant connection and love inspired Nnadi to help animals whenever and wherever he could.

Shortly after joining the Chiefs, Nnadi partnered with the KC Pet Project—a local non-profit animal shelter—and vouched to pay for a dog's adoption fee for every Chiefs victory that season. Kansas City would go on to win 15 games that year, including the postseason.

Then, as added motivation in his first Super Bowl, Nnadi promised the shelter that if the Chiefs brought home the Lombardi Trophy, he would donate like he never had before. Nnadi's generous donation after winning Super Bowl LIV allowed every single dog at the KC Pet Project shelter to be free to the public, averaging roughly $150 per adoption for over 100 dogs.

Almost immediately after winning it all, the KC Pet Project shared and rejoiced across social media (below) by announcing the Derrick Nnadi Foundation allowed them to give every dog away to a loving home for no cost to their new families.

KC WINS! We are so excited to announce that the Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle, Derrick Nnadi is choosing to...

Posted by KC Pet Project on Sunday, February 2, 2020

Nnadi's community service is nothing new

Nnadi has already seen his foundation placed in front of the public thanks to the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association). Back in 2019, just one week into the second season of Nnadi's spectacular career, the NFLPA named him the Community MVP of the Week. He earned the award through charitable contributions and his philanthropy, giving away a much needed back-to-school shopping spree to a family who had recently lost their mother in his hometown of Virginia Beach.

Not only that, Nnadi provided students with school supplies through the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Virginia before also hosting another back-to-school shopping spree in Kansas City for local children (below).

After receiving the NFLPA award Nnadi was humble, saying that it "means a lot, but I don't look for any type of credit. It's more about just doing what I want to do for my community."

He went on to add "A lot of kids don't have the opportunity to get the things they need, and it can cause them to be behind compared to everybody else. That little pick-me-up can do so much for them."

How Nnadi's Foundation H.E.L.P's everyone

If you choose to visit the Derrick Nnadi Foundation's website, you will see all the amazing pictures and philanthropic efforts that Nnadi has given to communities around Kansas City and Virginia Beach, but you'll also find an interesting acronym.

H.E.L.P., which doesn't have anything to do with the classic Beatles song, stands for Hear, Enrich, Lift and Provide. Which makes sense considering the foundation (H)ears the problems facing both KC and Virginia Beach before (E)nriching the lives of everyone they can. After that, they (L)ift those up that need encouragement, guidance, and more while also (P)roviding assistance to youth and families in need.

Nnadi and his foundation have proven that their goal to H.E.L.P. as many people as they can is not only possible but also able to be entertaining. For instance, the Derrick Nnadi Foundation helped Ronald McDonald House families with the help of other Chiefs linemen and kicker Harrison Butker during Red Friday Week a few seasons ago.

During the event, Nnadi and his teammates helped families in the Kansas City area that are going through extremely tough times by giving them a place to play, a fun day worth of activities and even shoving their faces in pies for charity.

"I always try to help out my community when possible, either when I'm back home or here," Nnadi said during the fun day with kids and families. "These type of moments right here is probably just milestones that will really impact their lives."

Nnadi is not only a 3x Super Bowl champion and defensive stud, but he's also got a soft side that comes through in his charity work with animals and children around his hometown and Kansas City. That should be celebrated even more than the multiple rings on his fingers and the confetti that has fallen on him at the end of three seasons.

If you'd like to help donate to the Derrick Nnadi Foundation you can do so HERE. And don't forget to follow Nnadi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you can see firsthand all the amazing work that he and his foundation do across multiple communities.

Also, if you would like to help the KC Pet Project and their ongoing mission to save animals across the Kansas City area then you can do so HERE.