Chiefs 7-round mock draft features huge trade with bitter rivals

The Chiefs don't want to help their hated rivals find their answer at QB, but the opportunity was right here to add picks.

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Round 2 (No. 64) - Jalen McMillan, WR, Washington

This was a tough call in this particular mock draft, because a nice run of defensive tackles was available here and the position has been in need of a significant draft investment in some time. That said, the Chiefs saw how much a talent infusion was needed at wideout last year and the selections at the position here weren't going to be as desirable in Round 3.

The choice of McMillan here might draw some quizzical looks from Chiefs fans, but that's not a slight on McMillan. He played for a prolific Washington offense but dealt with an ongoing knee injury that allowed others in the same system to shine brighter in this draft class (Ja'Lynn Polk, Rome Odunze).

Don't let the fact that McMillan has been overshadowed in this pre-draft season take away from the fact that this would be a stellar pick for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have a need to raise the floor of the entire position and that's exactly what McMillan would do.

McMillan will be an instant hit in the NFL with excellent hands, beautiful routes, and pro-ready instincts. While he was largely a slot target at Washington, that's largely due to the talent around him and there's no reason to think he can't slide in and out in Andy Reid's offense—just as the Chiefs have been pushing Rashee Rice to learn new lanes.

More than anything, McMillan is a well-rounded, well-coached product who would be an immediate contributor for a contender who needs one.