Chiefs 7-round mock draft features huge trade with bitter rivals

The Chiefs don't want to help their hated rivals find their answer at QB, but the opportunity was right here to add picks.

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Round 3 (No. 77) - Michael Hall Jr., DL, Ohio State

The Chiefs allowed the likes of Kris Jenkins and T'Vondre Sweat to escape their grasp in the second round for the sake of adding new offensive pillars, but the third round still presents some solid prospects along the defensive interior to help strengthen the trenches.

Michael Hall Jr. is an interesting draft entrant as a sort of tweener standing at 6'2, 290 lbs. He's not thick enough inside or long enough outside on the surface, but he's got the blend of athleticism and play strength that allowed him to be productive all over the line for one of college football's top programs.

Just like the Chiefs need to raise the floor at wideout, they also need the same along the defensive interior. Despite the fact that they've already brought back several vets from last year, Hall could easily supplant a familiar face to serve as a versatile disruptor to rotate in as he learns better technique and adds some bulk.