Breaking down the Kansas City Chiefs draft options at offensive tackle

The 2024 NFL Draft has a strong offensive tackle class, but does that mean it will be easy for the Kansas City Chiefs to find one that fits their needs?
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Second Tier Left Tackle Prospects

Chiefs fans should familiarize themselves with these four tackle prospects because, in my opinion, they are the four most likely pure tackles that the Chiefs could draft this year. It wouldn't shock me if they reached for one of them at the end of the first round if their favorite top-tier wideouts are off the board and they think they can wait until the second for the next tier at that position. It also wouldn't surprise me if they targeted one of the first three names on this list in the second round, possibly even trading up from 64 to make sure they get one.

Kingsley Suamataia - BYU - 6'5" - 326 pounds - 34 1/4" arms

Of the four players in this tier, Kingsley Suamataia is the youngest at just 21 years old. He has fantastic athleticism. His 9.38 RAS score combined with his arms being over 34 inches give him the tools to excel at tackle in the NFL.

Suamataia has experience at both right and left tackle. Last season for BYU he had a 76.3 PFF pass-blocking grade on true pass play sets (compared to Tyler Guyton's 59.0). Like Guyton, he does still need some technical refinement, but when Suamataia gets his technique right, I like his natural strength and anchor more than Guyton as well.

While none of the prospects in this tier are a lock to hit in the NFL, I think Suamataia's floor is a little bit higher than the next three players. I think his ceiling is slightly below the next name on this list, but his athleticism does give him the potential to be an above-average NFL left tackle. Andy Reid loves BYU guys and I believe Suamataia is a stronger possibility for the Chiefs in the first round than many people think.

Patrick Paul - Houston - 6'7 1/2" - 331 pounds - 36 1/4" arms

I believe Patrick Paul is one of the more underrated prospects in this tackle class. Paul possesses everything needed to be a dominant left tackle in the NFL, except good technique. Now I won't sugarcoat it: his technique is a real mess, but if teams believe he's coachable and they have a quality offensive line coach, Paul could turn into one of the steals of this draft class. His massive size and incredibly long arms make him hard to get around, and when you mix in a 9.75 RAS, you have incredible physical tools to work with.

Paul dominated college pass rushers in a pass-heavy Houston offense. Over the past two seasons, Paul was at left tackle for 1,091 passing snaps and allowed a total of two sacks. He also had an almost unheard-of 89.8 PFF pass blocking grade on true pass-play sets. That's better than any of the first-round tackle prospects. I'm not claiming he's a better pass blocker than they are, because his technique issues won't get him those same results in the NFL, but it shows how strong his natural gifts are.

If those gifts can be refined Paul will be a great NFL left tackle. If they aren't refined he'll be a frustratingly inconsistent player that dominates defenders on one play and then looks foolish on the next.

Kiran Amegadije - Yale - 6'5" - 323 pounds - 36 1/8" arms

Kiran Amegadije is another long-armed tackle who showed good promise and athleticism on his college tape. An injury cut his season short and has prevented him from giving us testing numbers to compare to the other prospects on this list, but the tape shows a plus athlete.

The problem with Amegadije is that his caliber of competition at Yale is questionable and he was getting by with questionable technique. So this is another player in need of some quality coaching and reps to develop his natural abilities.

Amegadije didn't allow a sack over the past two seasons, but his overall number of pass-blocking snaps was also well below the others in this tier. I will say that I believe Amegadije is a better run blocker than either Suamataia or Paul, but I would feel better if he had a year of development on the bench before he was thrown into the starting lineup. The same could be said for the previous two as well, but with the bigger jump in competition, it may be even more essential for Amegadije. I still think his physical upside alone is worth a late second-round pick and believe he will develop into a starting NFL left tackle.

Javon Foster - Missouri - 6'5 1/2" - 313 pounds - 34 5/8" arms

Javon Foster has been Missouri's starting left tackle for the past three seasons. He's not the athlete that the previous three players in this tier are and that will keep him from being drafted as early. Foster is a more powerful run blocker than some of the other left tackle prospects in this class, but the stiffness that comes with some of that power can also be a limitation against speed rushers on the outside.

While Foster's technique isn't great, he developed a good understanding of his game. He would use his length and good first step to get a hand on edge rushers and then use his power to hold them up. Consequently, he only allowed one sack during his final season at Missouri.

I don't know if he'll be able to get those same results in the NFL, but I think his floor is a valuable depth tackle with the potential to become an average starter. If the Chiefs miss out on one of the higher upside options in the first two rounds, Foster could be a smart pick for them in the third or fourth round.

So there you have it Chiefs fans, an in-depth look at this offensive tackle class and how many prospects may be options for K.C. to fill their need for a long-term solution at left tackle. While my first choice would be Olu Fashanu sliding fall enough for the Chiefs to make a big move up to get him, I think the most likely outcome is that the Chiefs take one of the four prospects in this final tier.

So what do you think Chiefs fans? Do you agree with this take on the offensive tackle class? Are their any prospects that you think are a more realistic option at left tackle for the Chiefs than these last four? I'd love to hear your thoughts.