8 defensive line prospects who could be perfect draft fits for the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs could use some more contributors along the defensive line and these 8 prospects from the 2024 NFL Draft look like perfect fits.

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Mid To Late Round Defensive End Options For The Chiefs

Justin Eboigbe - Alabama - 6'5" - 292 pounds

Justin Eboigbe is a massive edge player, so much so that he's sometimes just listed as a defensive tackle. However, he did play as both a 3-4 and a 4-3 defensive end at Alabama, as well as kicking inside sometimes. While he doesn't offer much in the way of outside pass rush, he could play a Mike Danna-type role where he could set the edge on early downs and kick inside on some passing downs.

Eboigbe isn't a flashy player and probably won't go off the board until the mid-to-late rounds, but he has the size and versatility that Steve Spagnuolo covets. I can see him being one of those guys that has a 5 to 10 year career as a role player/depth piece all along the defensive front.

Myles Cole - Texas Tech - 6'6" - 280 pounds

If I'm being honest, Myles Cole did not have a very impressive college career. He totaled 5 career sacks over three seasons and had a poor 59.5 PFF run defense grade last season. So why would I put him on this list? Well, he's got all the physical tools to be an absolute star in Spagnuolo's defense if the light ever comes on for him.

Cole is 6'6" and 280 pounds with freakishly long arms (almost 37 inches). He's also freakishly athletic for his size, running a 4.67 forty at the combine. I wouldn't spend a high pick on Cole because odds are that if he couldn't have success in college, he won't in the NFL either, but he's worth a late round flier on his physical make-up alone. If the Chiefs can get him to live up to those raw tools, he could be a late round gem.

So there you have it Chiefs fans, my eight defensive line prospects that would be a great fit for the Chiefs. Who do you like? Who don't you like? What defensive line prospects do you think are a better fit for KC than my picks? I'd love to hear your thoughts too.

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