3 moves still left for the Kansas City Chiefs to make after the NFL Draft

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3. Plan and announce stadium plans sans Royals

Right, this isn't something that affects the on-field product by any means. However, it is a story that every Chiefs fan should be tracking and investing in this offseason. The Chiefs leaving Arrowhead Stadium for the greener Kansas plains seems very real after the April 2 vote, and anything seems possible. Even Chiefs owner Clark Hunt says so.

“Time is short for us at this point and so we need to see what other options are out there for us,″ Hunt said during the NFL Draft. “When we started on this process three years ago, it felt like we had a very long time — a long runway with about 9 1/2 (years) left on our lease. We’re now down to 6 1/2 and so I do feel very much of a sense of urgency.”

The Chiefs hitched their wagon alongside the Kansas City Royals this winter, setting the table for the eventual failed vote. Both the Royals and the Chiefs share the Truman Sports Complex and rely on a three-eighths-cent sales tax for maintenance. The teams aim to extend the tax, with the Royals planning to use their share of the money to build a new downtown ballpark and the Chiefs envisioning an $800 million upgrade to Arrowhead. 

That vote failed very decisively, with many possible reasons why 58% of voters rejected it. One plausible reason for its failure is that the Chiefs and Royals were a package deal. It is always easier to stomach a tax for a winning club, like the Chiefs than a historically losing one, like the Royals. Either way, that is the past. The two teams are on separate paths now to find a new home. 

One of the Royals' downfalls was not having a clear and concise plan early on. The Chiefs need to learn from their mistake and do the same. Kansas already seems willing to give professional sports teams what they want, while Jackson County could still work with the team. There are plenty of suitors for the Chiefs. Now, they need to evaluate each plan and communicate with the fanbase during this process.