3 moves still left for the Kansas City Chiefs to make after the NFL Draft

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2. Decide Creed Humphrey's future and extend him appropriately

The Chiefs have critical decisions to make regarding the future of their offensive line, particularly when it comes to center Creed Humphrey. They need to first commit to the Oklahoma alum's position and then pay him according to his long-term role in Kansas City's offense.

After establishing himself as one of the league's premier centers, you would think Humphrey is a lock to stay at center. After all, Pro Football Focus graded him first, first, and fifth among centers in his first three years. But Chiefs general manager Brett Veach didn't commit to the two-time Pro Bowl selection at this year's NFL Combine.

“I think both,” Veach said about Humphrey playing center or guard. “He’s had a couple center snap issues there that ... it’s funny, because those popped up early on in his career, and then they kind of went away. And then they kind of creep back up...I think Creed’s just a Pro Bowl football player. He’s a Pro Bowl interior lineman. That’s how we see him.”

If I had to bet one way or another, Humphrey would be in the middle. He is already well-established in the Chiefs' position and has a good rapport with Mahomes. There is value there, rather than trying to rush one of Kansas City's 2024 draftees to play center.

Humphrey's long-term center would also provide valuable continuity during a time of change. Veteran left guard Joe Thuney's future in Kansas City is cloudy, while Kansas City will struggle to retain right guard Trey Smith once he hits the open market following the 2025 season. Whoever Veach brings in to replace those two, having Humphrey hold the interior down would be very valuable.