Tyler Huntley has more Pro Bowl honors than Mitchell Schwartz

Somehow the planets aligned just right enough for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley to be named to the Pro Bowl. Yep.

Nothing personal to Tyler Huntley here—well, sort of. Honestly it should be other athletes taking things personally that Huntley, a backup quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens who threw 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions this year, is going to the Pro Bowl.

If you want to know why so many persons—players, coaches, analysts, anyone with a brain—takes the Pro Bowl about as seriously as a C.J. Spiller signing with the Chiefs, it’s because of situations like this. Apparently, someone has to fill in at quarterback given that Patrick Mahomes is in the Super Bowl and Josh Allen is not playing either. And apparently, that someone is Tyler Huntley.


Look, we’re not sure what happened to Trevor Lawrence or the Ghost of Andrew Luck or Davis Mills, but Tyler Huntley shouldn’t come close to anything related to the Pro Bowl. He should be banned from anything that even rhymes with Pro Bowl (GoPro? Blowholes? I dunno.) At this point, the few games that Baker Mayfield played in Cleveland should make him as relevant to the Pro Bowl as Huntley.

If you want a breakdown here, it goes like this:

  • 4 starts (2-2 record)
  • 41.2 QBR
  • 67% completion rate (not bad)
  • 2:3 TD to INT ratio, as we said
  • 3.2 yards/carry (just in case you thought, “Well, then he’s gotta be one of them there rushing quarterbacks, right?”)

At this point, Chad Henne has to be anticipating a top 5 MVP finish.

Here’s why this is so egregious: there are all-time great players who never ONCE made a Pro Bowl. Marques Colston reset the New Orleans franchise record books at receiver and never once made it. Joey Galloway had six seasons of 1K yards or more and never made it. Julian Edelman? Nope. Jim Plunkett? Sorry. Ryan Longwell? Should have but no. Ken Riley or Olivier Vernon or Brandin Cooks? Nope. Nada. Zilch.

Even on the Chiefs side of things, you gotta start with Mitchell Schwartz. The guy was the best right tackle in the game for a half-decade with four All-Pro nods to his name in that span and never made the Pro Bowl, only because the left side gets all of the attention. (Seriously Eric Fisher made two Pro Bowls in that same span of time.)

If Three 6 Mafia can win an Oscar, then I guess Tyler Huntley can go to the Pro Bowl. It’s certainly not his fault. But if the NFL wanted to find a way to make something that was already ridiculed and make it absolutely meaningless, they found a way to pull whatever part of the rug was still left under the Pro Bowl out completely.