Podcast: Previewing Mahomes vs. Burrow IV

On this episode of the Arrowhead Addict podcast, Sterling Holmes and Matt Conner break down the win over the Jaguars and discuss the coming AFC Championship against the Bengals.

Will the fourth time be the charm?

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs can only hope that’s the case after being defeated by Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals on three separate occasions—all within the last 12-13 months.

In that span of time, the Bengals have flexed a supremacy over the Chiefs that has come on the road and home, in the regular season and the postseason. They’ve had no problem at Arrowhead and they’ve proven clutch when it matters most. That’s tough for any team to stomach, but especially a Chiefs team that’s used to having their way with opponents.

So what should we expect from Round 4 between these quarterbacks? Every single matchup has featured a three-point differential when all is said and done, so its’ not as if either team should feel all that confident. But 3-0 is a lot better than 0-3 and the Chiefs can only hope to reverse those fortunes on Sunday in the AFC Championship game.

On this episode of the AA podcast, Sterling Holmes and Matt Conner break down the matchup and talk about how the Chiefs can win one on Sunday.

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