Derrick Henry is an unstoppable force (unfortunately for the Chiefs)

Twitter has a lot of admiration for Derrick Henry’s ability to be an unstoppable force for the Titans’ offense (unfortunately for the Chiefs).

There was never a question about the Tennessee Titans offensive gameplan coming into Week 9 for the Kansas CIty Chiefs. That’s because the Titans have had the same focus for the last five years, ever since Derrick Henry broke out back in 2018 for his first 1,000-yard season as a running back.

As the Chiefs prepared to host the Titans in primetime on Sunday Night Football, most of the questions in the media were about who would play quarterback for Tennessee given the injury to Ryan Tannehill. Would it be Malik Willis or would Tannehill be able to play with an ankle injury? While the correct answer was Willis, the truth is that it doesn’t matter all that much to Tennessee, because Henry has been the cornerstone for years now.

Even when a team knows that Henry is going to be the focus, he’s still proven impossible to stop. Year after year, you think the amount of tread used on his proverbial tires would slow him, but he vying once again for the league’s rushing title with Nick Chubb at present and he’s making the Chiefs’ night miserable.

Henry had 219 rushing yards last week in a win over the Houston Texans and he’s headed for another banner night in Week 9 against K.C. So far, Henry has 9 carries for 92 yards and 2 touchdowns and that’s with two minutes to play before halftime. It’s embarrassing for Chiefs defenders to watch them bounce off time after time, but the truth is, Henry has done this multiple times to the Chiefs and he’s honestly done it against most teams. For instance, check this play in the second quarter that realy got the Titans moving.

It’s that sort of electric ability to overpower every defender around him that had everyone talking on Twitter. Check out some of the best responses to King Henry’s night so far.