KC Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons has hearing date postponed

Cornerback Chris Lammons had his hearing date postponed following the February 6 incident at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Back in February, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons was involved in an incident with New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara and two other individuals outside of Allegiant Stadium following the Pro Bowl.

Allegedly, both Lammons and Kamara were involved in injuring an individual after he attempted to walk onto an elevator. Kamara placed his hand on the man’s chest before Lammons punched him. He was then pushed and stumbled before falling unconscious. After that, Lammons and Kamara allegedly hit and kicked the man causing a fracture to his right eye and marks on his head, knees, and arms. Surveillance video captured the incident.

Kamara and Lammons were to attend a hearing, but that hearing has now been delayed to September 29—the third such delay in the case.

While it is unclear why a continuation was granted, it is not unusual. Frequently, in criminal cases, continuances are requested for any number of reasons, especially if the defendant (or the individual who is alleged to have committed the crime) is not incarcerated. Small things such as a scheduling conflict that arises can allow a court to continue a hearing. At some point, the court will want to move forward with the case; however, given that Kamara and Lammons do not live in Las Vegas, travel concerns for appearances could come into play along with training camp schedules and regular season games.

Another reason this could potentially have been moved is that the parties are actively engaged in reaching a plea agreement. This is a compromise, often to a lesser charge, which drops some of the higher charges or it can be an agreement on sentencing recommendations. The prosecutor could agree to recommend a shorter jail sentence, less fines, etc. in exchange for the guilty plea.

In all reality, we do not know why exactly this hearing was moved, but it is probably a simple explanation and eventually, this case is likely to result in some sort of plea agreement. Most end in settlement rather than proceeding to trial and if the surveillance video matches up with witness statements, it is unlikely that Lammons will want to proceed with what sounds like a pretty solid case for the prosecution.

We will wait and see what transpires at the next scheduled hearing.