Kansas City Chiefs among most expensive NFL teams to watch

The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked among the most expensive NFL teams to watch according to TicketIQ.

As it turns out, fans enjoy watching a winning product.

The folks at TicketIQ have put together a list of the most and least expensive teams in the National Football League to watch in a live setting, and they are trending toward the top tier of franchises these days. In fact, in the 2021 season, only five teams were pricier to watch.

A few lessons can be learned from the teams above the Chiefs. First, it helps to have enjoyed generational success in the past. Jerry Jones’ term of “America’s Team” is a helpful nickname to throw out there and build a nationwide fan base, but it also helps that so many kids grew up watching the dynamic trio of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin (and company) win one championship after another.

As for the Bucs, they employ the most well-known player in football, the Packers have a consecutive MVP winner at quarterback, and the Raiders are one of the league’s most storied franchises (as hard as it is to admit that) with a new stadium in Las Vegas. And of course, the Rams won the Super Bowl last winter.

As the Chiefs continue to lean into these dominant years, especially if they can capture a second Super Bowl, Mahomes is only going to become more popular, more prominent, and more important for the team’s bottom line. As older players retire and as younger fans grow up, the Chiefs’ enduring success will make an impression upon a part of the fan base that will accumulate more and more capital.

As for the least expensive teams, I guess it’s good to be an Atlanta Falcons fan knowing you can get better seats for less than anyone else.