Patrick Mahomes says he most hated playing Jalen Ramsey

Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) /

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes says the defensive back he hated going against more than any other so far has been Jalen Ramsey.

Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly on the list of opposing quarterbacks who some defenders most hate to go up against, but it’s also true that the best quarterbacks in the National Football League League also have enemies of their own.

Sports Illustrated recently had the opportunity to sit down with four of the best quarterbacks in the game of football to ask them various questions, including the defensive back against whom they hated the play the most. They asked Mahomes along with Aaron Rodgers of the Packers, Tom Brady of the Buccaneers, and Josh Allen of the Bills.

Mahomes stated that Jalen Ramsey was the defender whom he hated facing most, and that’s likely a name that would come up for more than one quarterback in the NFL. Ramsey has been a first-team All-Pro in each of the last two seasons and he’s made it there three times overall. He’s also a five-time Pro Bowler who just helped the L.A. Rams win a Super Bowl.

While cornerback is a mercurial position, the truth is that Ramsey is just about as lockdown as a defender can get, which is why the Rams dealt more than two first-round picks for him back in 2019. That’s an incredibly steep price for a non-quarterback, but Ramsey is a game-altering talent in the secondary.

The first time Mahomes faced Ramsey, he had a horrible game despite the Kansas City Chiefs picking up a relatively easy win. Mahomes had two interceptions and zero touchdowns, but Kareem Hunt and Harrison Butker picked up the slack. From there, in early 2019, Ramsey and the Jags’ defense could not slow Mahomes enough from throwing 3 touchdowns but Ramsey still clearly earned respect from PM15 in the process.

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