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KC Chiefs field designs are incredible

Andy Reid, KC Chiefs (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Andy Reid, KC Chiefs (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

While the impressive work of Precision Mazes has been around for quite some time, we’re just now stumbling upon the excellence of their designs and we’re especially taken with the Kansas City Chiefs-themed efforts they’ve undertaken to show their support for our favorite team.

It’s always fun for us to see the lengths to which members of Chiefs Kingdom will go to showcase their fandom and, from time to time, we’ve profiled a few of those fans. Whether it’s just the sharing of someone’s journey to becoming a fan of the Chiefs to a talented artist like Cynthia Burris sharing her inspiration, we love to see what draws fans in and to see what they give back.

Imagine our joy when we found the stunning work of Precision Mazes in the last few weeks. It’s one thing for a fan to make a shirt and something else to see a fan tattoo. But what about an entire field? This is really something to see.

You can see an overhead video of that Swagger field art here:

That’s hardly the only one created to celebrate the Chiefs by Precision Mazes. This Andy Reid portrait is amazing and it’s insane to think these sorts of expressions are even possible.

While it’s a slim possibility that this is the work of alien crop circles, we’re pretty sure it’s more about advanced machinery and global positioning systems and some real ingenuity when it comes to crafting the design in the first place. Whatever it is, we’re a big fan of their Chiefs fandom.

You can see much more of the work from Precision Mazes here.

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