Patrick Mahomes is ruining Peyton Manning’s children (and others)

Head Coach Andy Reid, Travis Kelce #87 and Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Head Coach Andy Reid, Travis Kelce #87 and Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

Here in Chiefs Kingdom, we see no reason why anyone and everyone should root for anyone other than Patrick Mahomes. He’s an electric performer on the field and he’s as likable as any athlete off of it. He’s charitable and social. He projects an everyman quality to him even as he’s part owner in pretty much any K.C.-based establishment. He’s a family man to boot and he’s willing to help bring new businesses to town (a la Whataburger).

If you want to stick to the field, who else in the league is throwing left-handed passes, shortstop tosses, effortless deep threats, and imaginative cross-body throws? He’s creeping back into the MVP conversation again in 2021 after winning the award in 2018 and finishing second in each of the last two seasons. Oh yeah, he just turned 26 and he’s married to the Kansas City Chiefs into the 2030s.

Mahomes is among the single most recognizable players in any sport today. Perhaps that’s why some people don’t like him. Rival fan bases like the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos are supposed to hate him, of course, but Mahomes has haters beyond that scope. In the same way, Tom Brady has passionate fans and those who loathe him in every fan base, Mahomes is developing the same sort of response.

Every kid is repping Patrick Mahomes these days, even in the Manning household.

What’s amazing, however, is that hasn’t stopped the kids of other fan bases from breaking with tradition and loving Mahomes as well.

This phenomenon is even happening in athletes’ households or in front of other players. Check out this recent clip of former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning talking on the Kelly Clarkson Show detailing his son’s own love of Mahomes.

Manning says, “My son wears a Patrick Mahomes jersey. It’s very humbling having to ski with a Chiefs jersey right next to ya, but since I’m related to the kid, I feel like I have to do it.”

An even better clip might be this scenario via a clip from CNN. Here you have a dream-come-true scenario with an adorable young boy who is dressed in a Dak Prescott jersey and is meeting Dak Prescott for the first time. While sitting there in a position that most Dallas Cowboys fans would dream of, the boy asks an interesting question of Prescott in the introduction.

Yeah, that kid is asking Dak Prescott in a Prescott jersey whether or not he is Patrick Mahomes. It’s hilarious.

These sorts of moments aren’t likely to help any adults make the leap to love Mahomes if they already do not. In fact, the opposite is likely true, but we love seeing young fans get it and we’re happy to welcome them, one and all, into Chiefs Kingdom—even if you’re the son of Peyton Manning.

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