Chiefs Week 5 game grades vs the Bills

Surprisingly, I am not sure if the offense or defense was worse in this game. While I knew the Chiefs would have their hands full, I did not expect this sort of beatdown. I was at the game and let me tell you, watching Dan Sorenson get beat is even worse in person than on TV.

While I still had an absolute blast at the game, this team is struggling in all phases and it is starting to feel like we can’t keep saying “eventually this, that, or the other will work itself out.” This might be the most scathing/depressing game grades I have ever done.

Dan Sorensen: F – –

Let’s go ahead and get the worst performance I might have ever seen from a safety out of the way first. I’ll even start by saying I appreciate all Dan Sorensen has done for the Chiefs. He has made a ton of big plays throughout his career and I felt he was sometimes hated on unfairly at times. Hell, I’ve been a big proponent that a lot of issues are because he’s put in a poor spot. But it’s over. Move on. The Chiefs have to find a way (Juan Thornhill) for Dan to play less. Way less.

Dan Sorenson was horrific in pass coverage, repeatedly getting beat deep and looking absolutely lost. I thought that was why Thornhill couldn’t get more snaps, because they were worried he’d be out of position? Sorenson was almost always out of position and when he was there to make a play, he’d get trucked or straight up miss the tackle. He was being picked on all game and the Chiefs never adjusted. Thank you Dan Sorensen for everything you have done for Chiefs Kingdom but it is time.

Rashad Fenton: B-

Fenton, outside of about 1 or 2 plays, was pretty solid. He made a couple of nice plays including a big knockdown and an interception that was overturned on a bogus roughing the passer. While that was overall solid, that is where I have to stop.

The celebration after Josh Allen overthrew the receiver was mind-boggling. You are down 18. Your entire secondary group has played like a piece of bread that has been left in the toaster for 4 hours. You weren’t even the biggest reason why that catch didn’t get made. It is 3rd down and if you get a penalty, Bills stay on the field. It was a horrible, “me first” move and incredibly lucky he didn’t draw a taunting/unsportsmanlike penalty. I understand showing emotion but down 18 after having a historically bad defense the entire season so far is not the time. His play is very promising but that was not.

Chiefs Defensive Line: D

Michael Danna continues to play solid and was the only Chiefs player to have a QB hit. Derrick Nnadi made a couple of nice plays, especially in the run game. Frank Clark should have had a QB hit that forced an interception if not for the fact he was apparently supposed to lay a pillow under Josh Allen’s head and tuck him in to not draw that penalty.

Overall, this is not improving. A group we all thought was going to be taking a huge step forward and was going to anchor this defense has been non-existent. Where is the pressure? Where is the addition of Reed? Is Okafor just over the hill? This might have been Frank Clark’s best game of the season, and I’m not sure how much that is saying. Not ideal.

Patrick Mahomes: C-

Not a great game to struggle in. While he wasn’t bad in the traditional sense, he was compared to what he normally does. He was off with receivers time and time again, throwing balls a little short of them. He threw 2 interceptions, although one was more on Hill for not holding on to the ball. Mahomes just lacked some of his deep aggressiveness as well opting for check downs instead of pushing the ball.

Mahomes threw the ball 54 times and completed only 33 for 272 yards. That is the definition of checking down. I understand they really wanted to get Mecole Hardman involved but it just felt like it was for a lot of 2-4 yard gains. I am not concerned with Mahomes, or really the offense for that matter, but this was not great. Mahomes also was bailing out of the pocket early it seemed a lot of times. I know he has said in the past that is something he can work on and it shows it is still a work in progress. Mahomes was very effective with his legs running for 61 yards on 8 carries.

MVP: Harrison Butker

Not a ton of choices to choose from but Butker was legit good in this one. 2/2 on extra points and 2/2 on field goals including an absolute bomb of a 54 yarder, Arrowhead had some swirling wind but that was no problem for the Butt Kicker. He continues to be a huge weapon for Kansas City and gives them a big leg up at that position.