What this Bills loss means moving forward

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As the rain fell in and around Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night, it seemed to be a harbinger for the sadness the Chiefs vs. Bills primetime game would bring. Ideally, inclement weather would bring about some classic awe-inspiring plays as teams battle the elements and one another.

However, that was not the case on Sunday night. The Chiefs got the brakes beaten off of them in a primetime showing, not the mention their opponent being the team they beat to get to the Super Bowl last season.

As Kansas City has stumbled to a 2-3 start to the season, and last place in their division, they have deployed a litany of self-imposed issues that have stifled their success. Whether it was 4 turnovers against the Chargers, late turnover and defensive miscues against Baltimore, or an all-around putrid showing against the Bills, the 2021 Kansas City Chiefs have done themselves no favors and have the record to show for it.

The question remains, where does this team go from here? What does the rest of this season look like?

Of course, we can speculate about offseason moves that will help this team financially and would also help in terms of the on-field product. But, we aren’t in the offseason, we are now about to begin Week 6, and the Chiefs have 12 more weeks to demonstrate what kind of year this can be.

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