Twitter reacts to Josh Gordon signing with KC Chiefs

I’m not going to lie. I am pretty over the moon about this whole Josh Gordon signing with the K.C. Chiefs. That puts me squarely in passionate fan territory right now, but I like any sort of low-risk move that has even the potential for a medium-level return. I also love the idea of the Chiefs pouring a bit of gasoline on the fire of this already potent offense.

In case you were curious about how I felt about the Josh Gordon signing, this is what I posted on Twitter just a few days ago when it was noted that Gordon was potentially ready to be reinstated by the National Football League after serving a suspension for over a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

But my take is only one of many. There are myriad voices out there in the crowd who have differing opinions about Josh Gordon these days. There are also differing opinions about the Kansas City Chiefs needs and/or the ways in which the team should be attempting to improve its roster and future performances. That’s all very understandable for a team fresh off of two consecutive losses in the first three games, especially when the offseason conversation was all about going 20-0.

The best response to the signing comes from the man himself..

When you survey social media with regards to the Chiefs signing Gordon, there are clear camps of those excited and those who think it’s not going to amount to anything at all. We can get to some of those but the best ones are the ones who fold in a proper perspective and nuance as a part of their post.

Craig, who is a must follow and part of the KC Sports Network, is absolutely right above when he insinuates there’s no real downside to this move. If he works, he works. If not, it was a waste of paperwork. But for the chance to add some more muscle to the offense, it’s absolutely the right move to make. In fact, here are some other measured takes:

Then there were plenty of reinstatement jokes to go around:

Given the number of targets already on the field for the Chiefs, we also love the look of this: