Ravens fan continues to get tattoos documenting 2021 wins

At this point, we can’t be upset with Nic Cullison. In fact, the Baltimore Ravens fan has earned our respect for a fandom that shows such deep devotion to the team he loves most.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name of Nic Collision, don’t feel bad. There’s no real reason for you to know his name. Instead, you might recognize him as “Ravens tattoo guy“, or the passionate Baltimore fan who decided to get the final score of the Ravens’ surprising win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 tattooed on his leg.

Not only was the tattoo real but Nic said his significant other was the one responsible for the tattooing.

As if that wasn’t enough, Cullison is clearly a man with a plan. The goal seems to be to document the 2021 Baltimore Ravens season (or at least their victories) on his leg. While he hasn’t stated such a goal, Cullison was getting some more ink again shortly after the Ravens won in Week 3 in dramatic fashion over the Detroit Lions.

If you somehow missed the theatrics of the Ravens-Lions game, just know the Ravens are exactly where the Chiefs are at as a talented team that could easily be 3-0 or 0-3. On Sunday, the Ravens were behind the Detroit Lions—yes, the Lions—when they called upon Justin Tucker to hit a record-setting field goal for the win. You know the rest of the story because this was the tattoo that Cullison was getting just hours later.

We’re not sure whether to be proud or to see it as absurd, but right now it’s an invigorating mix of both. At the very least, we’re offended that the win over the Lions is so much bolder than the Chiefs.

No matter what you think about Cullison’s permanent choices, we can at least respect the fandom behind it all. That’s one fan who is deeply devoted to his team in a way that very few of us would ever willing to exhibit.