The KC Chiefs are 1-1 and that seems accurate

We are only two weeks into the new season and the K.C. Chiefs are off to a wild, rollercoaster start. We have had the highs of a thrilling comeback win over the Cleveland Browns, and the lows of a crushing loss against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Chiefs sit at 1-1, and to be honest, that’s probably a fair representation of where they are at. They have been good in patches, but they are yet to really hit their stride.

The first two games have certainly been a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them. Week one saw the Chiefs start the season off in crazy fashion, coming from behind to beat the Browns.

KC trailed for most of the game and were down by nine with 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, but two touchdowns in four minutes flipped the game on its head and a late interception clinched a memorable victory.

The Chiefs’ present record seems about right from the performances we’ve watched.

In week two however, the script flipped entirely. This time it was Kansas City who looked in control against the Ravens, only to blow a two-score lead in the fourth quarter before a late turnover sealed their fate.

The similarities between the two games are uncanny. In Week 1, it was the Chiefs who got lucky, winning a game they probably shouldn’t have. In week two the shoe was on the other foot when K.C. lost a game they really should have won. On balance then, a 1-1 record seems about right.

In both games so far, we have seen the Chiefs look both very good, and then very poor. The offense has at times looked unstoppable, but then has also stalled on other drives and squandered chances to put the game to bed. The run game has been lacklustre.

The defense meanwhile has at times come up with clutch plays, but most of the time it has looked like it is incapable of stopping anything. KC’s red zone defense has been woeful – giving up eight touchdowns in eight trips – and the defensive line must be better.

We know the Chiefs are very good, but they are yet to put together a complete performance and we have seen that they are not perfect. Given that, a come-from-behind win at home and a tough loss on the road against two of the best teams in the AFC doesn’t seem so bad and is an accurate reflection of how the team is playing right now.

These first two games were always going to be tough. But looking forward, Kansas City’s next two games are against the Chargers and Eagles. They should win both of those, and if they do, they will be 3-1 after the first month. If Chiefs fans were presented with that scenario before the season, I think most people would be okay with it.

The Chiefs are very good, and despite being 1-1 they are still the best team in the AFC. There are certainly questions that need to be answered, problems that need to be solved. But two weeks into the season, given the imperfect way they have played, being 1-1 seems about right based on their performances.

The good news for Kansas City fans is the Chiefs are better than what we have seen so far. There is room for improvement, but things will get better from here.