KC Chiefs have plenty of time to sort out roster concerns

At this point, any and all conversation surrounding the state of the K.C. Chiefs roster is largely about edge rusher and the questions around Frank Clark’s availability in 2021. After a couple recent run-ins with police, it looks as if Clark could face some sort of punishment for recent charges of possession of an assault weapon—although nothing is certain as of yet.

That’s not the only roster concern for Chiefs Kingdom as the team is just two weeks away from being at training camp at St. Joseph. Some fans would love to see a veteran cornerback added to a mix that includes a lot of young players with something to prove. Other fans would like to see a veteran wide receiver brought into the mix in the hopes of helping to fill Sammy Watkins’ shoes.

While we’re shopping, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add another running back in the mix for the sake of further competition and depth. Maybe another returner would make sense if you believe Mecole Hardman is done there, too. Would another linebacker ever hurt? Of course not.

The K.C. Chiefs shouldn’t rush to address roster concerns.

At this point, however, the Chiefs roster looks relatively set and the team seems ready to go to St. Joe with things as they are. That’s not the worst idea for two reasons:

  1. Competition is going to sort out some of these things and the kids need a chance to play.
  2. The Chiefs have plenty of time to sort out real roster concerns.

The second point above is the one that should be concerning for the Chiefs at this stage. What looks like a concern in early summer could resemble a solid position in September. Just last year, cornerback was considered the Chiefs biggest weakness, yet when Bashaud Breeland returned from suspension, the emergence of L’Jarius Sneed and the savvy play of Rashad Fenton helped the unit look surprisingly solid.

While chemistry is important for any position on any team, the truth is that the Chiefs have the entirety of the preseason to see what areas are really concerning and which are going to be just fine when the fans see how the kids have developed. Even more, the Chiefs (and other teams) will have until November 2 to make any and all trades for the rest of the season. In short, the Chiefs have three-and-a-half months until the NFL’s trade deadline for 2021.

Yes, it’d be nice to see Melvin Ingram signed. We’ve also discussed plenty of other potential veteran additions at defensive end and other slots. But for now, it looks as if the Chiefs know that time is on their side, that patience is typically rewarded, and that they aren’t in any hurry to make something happen.