Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady land together on Madden ’22 cover

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Jamie Squire/Getty Images /

We’re not quite sure what the “MVP edition” means when it comes to the latest Madden cover in the football video game franchise, but we’ll assume it means it in a predictive way. That’s because neither of the previous two Most Valuable Players in the NFL appear on the cover. Instead (and we’re not complaining here), they decided to go with arguably the two most popular players in the league: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Earlier in the week, EA Sports previewed the cover with a picture of two goats and it was clear where this was going all along.

For Mahomes, it’s the second time on the cover of the Madden franchise in three years, as he also appeared on the Madden ’20 cover after winning the MVP in his first full season under center for the Chiefs. Remember, these games come out a full year in advance (e.g. we’re discussing Madden ’22 here).

It’s impossible to state just how far Mahomes has come as a central figure for the NFL, a man with numerous endorsements, the game’s biggest contract, a global following, and the talent around him to climb into the league’s long-term record books. For the Chiefs, the drafting of Mahomes has been the single greatest decision ever made in franchise history, providing a rising tide that has raised all ships involved. The Madden cover—yawn, another one—is just the latest example.

For his part, Mahomes seemed quite excited with the final results.

Fans of the Madden franchise can check out a full trailer of the gameplay and changes coming to the series here: