Chiefs Draft grades and reactions

The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2021 NFL Draft is in the books. Matt Verderame and I returned this week to give our analysis and reactions to all the picks.

How have ya’ll been sitting with the picks the Chiefs made? It seemed like there were a few objections but on the whole, Chiefs Kingdom seems to be pretty happy with the selections. That is just my read on the Twitter chatter, however.

At any rate, great episode this week. We used Lyle Graverson’s draft grades article as a lens through which to have our discussion. If you haven’t read Lyle’s piece yet, you should definitely check it out. Show synopsis and show is below.

Patrick Allen and Matt Verderame are back to break down all the moves from Draft weekend. We go pick by pick, giving your our thoughts. We also provide draft grades from Arrowhead Addict writer Lyle Graversen. Lyle, a 10-year veteran of Arrowhead Addict, has delivered another terrific Chiefs Draft grades column which you should read immediately.

Also in this episode:

Reader reviews

Verderame has a cereal ranking for Funfeti cereal

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