Demarcus Robinson chose K.C. Chiefs over Detroit Lions in free agency

Demarcus Robinson is seeing much bigger things for himself in 2021. That could be very good news for both the wide receiver and the K.C. Chiefs going forward given the need for someone to step up in the wake of Sammy Watkins’ exit from the team in free agency.

On Thursday, Robinson appeared on NFL Network’s morning show Good Morning Football to talk with hosts about hitting free agency this spring and the decision he made to return to K.C. Robinson stated that the Detroit Lions were the other serious suitor for him this offseason, but he decided to return to K.C. for myriad reasons, including “his family” and the “culture”, but the Chiefs also spoke with him about a greater role in the offense.

“Every other season, it’s (been) four, five touchdowns, 500 yards,” Robinson said of his previous production. “I just think it picks up a little bit more right now. I’m looking for the opportunity — not for them to give me the opportunity — but go in there and take the opportunity. Go in there and show that I am a guy who can put up 1,000 yards a year and 10 touchdowns. I’m ready to make that happen. They said they’ve got something in store for me. I’m ready to show them.”

Robinson certainly holds the potential to leap into that role, at least given the athleticism and skill set with which he entered the NFL in the first place. The Chiefs drafted him in the fourth round out of the University of Florida as a Day 3 pick who slid considerably after being suspended four times in his college career—once for meeting with a marketing official during his junior year and three incidents for marijuana, all stemming from his freshman season.

Demarcus Robinson chose the Chiefs over the Lions in free agency.

Coming into the draft, Robinson stated that he modeled his game after Sammy Watkins and the Chiefs would love to see him bloom in such a manner. It’s important to remember that there are limited reps for any younger receiver to blossom with the Chiefs given the targets set aside for Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill as it is, but Robinson has the right size and speed to become that third go-to in the passing game.

What works well for Robinson is that he signed a single season deal in free agency, which means he stands to make a lot of money in a contract year as the cap increases going forward—if he’s able to grow into this role. Robinson is still only 26 years old and has never once missed a single game at the pro level in five seasons. That sort of reliability would serve him very well if he can put together a season that eclipses his personal highs so far, most of which were set last year with 45 catches for 466 yards. He also added 3 touchdowns.