Tyreek Hill tells hilarious first impression of Patrick Mahomes

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes /

Tyreek Hill’s first impression of Patrick Mahomes wasn’t all that great for the Chiefs.

Tyreek Hill didn’t feel the same as everyone else.

When the Kansas City Chiefs first made the move to go up and grab Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft, the response from Chiefs Kingdom was overwhelmingly positive. For the first time in decades, the Chiefs had been decisive enough to attempt to secure their own future at the game’s most important position. They’d drafted an actual first-round quarterback,.

Back to Hill. As a member of the Chiefs roster, Hill recently told the hosts of Inside the NFL on Showtime that his first impression wasn’t as positive. In fact, it wasn’t positive at all. We’ll let him take it from here.

If you’d rather read Hill’s response, the transcript goes something like this:

"“I thought he was trash. I ain’t gonna cap. I ain’t even gonna cap, man. When he first got there, I was like, ‘This is who y’all drafted, right here?'” He proved me into a whole, complete… I don’t know. It’s just that second year, like his quarterback mechanics were different. It was like he was spending more time with his quarterback coach, spending more time with Coach (Andy) Reid, like learning the offense. Dude was different.”"

To read Hill’s words alone is to miss the context, of course. Hill’s laughter throughout makes you wonder how serious he really is or whether he’s just trying to have some fun with his teammates. Mahomes responded in kind, so maybe the whole ploy worked out as intended. The following had this exchange online after the broadcast.

The whole thing is funny as Chiefs fans to see the team’s biggest stars interacting in this way, but it is also interesting to hear that maybe the initial response of some of the team’s players weren’t so hot on replacing such a strong leader in Alex Smith. Remember the Chiefs were already an annual playoff contender with Super Bowl hopes with Smith at the helm, and the franchise had altered course from a miserable stretch of football with Smith as its quarterback. Making such a decision might have been easy based on Mahomes’ talent, but it was also tough given the respect for and experience of Smith.

Years later, of course, Hill must be quite thankful for the Chiefs’ selection of Mahomes. He’s already turned in a career worthy of being named the single greatest wide receiver in Chiefs history, and he’s likely to hear his name enshrined in Canton one day alongside fellow teammates like Mahomes and Travis Kelce. And it all started with that “trash” selection.

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